The Best Hybrid Saw for Your Wood Shop

The Best Hybrid Saw for Your Wood Shop

For both novice and professional woodworkers, purchasing one of the best hybrid table saws from one of the proven names in woodworking equipment will not be a mistake. 

At USA Supply Spot, We firmly believe that you should invest in a strong brand name machine and take proper care of it. If you do so, you’ll be pleased with your purchase for decades to come.

What is a hybrid table saw?

Hybrid table saws fall between a contractor saw (small, mobile table saws) and a commercial sized table saw, also called a contractor saw.

The power of hybrid saws is plenty for nearly any professional woodworkers that fall short of calling themselves manufacturers.

What should you look for when purchasing a hybrid saw?

Knowing the specs that you’ll need in a hybrid saw will help make an informed buying decision. Here’s a list of what you should know before buying from us.

  • Horsepower. Anything upwards of 1 hp will be fine for most projects although most hybrids that we sell come in with more than 1.25 hp.
  • Wheels. If you are working out of your garage or any non-industrial space, you’ll want to make sure you have the ability to move it. While most hybrids are movable, we recommend staying under 300 lbs. if you are looking to reposition your saw frequently.
  • Brand name. Everything we sell comes from a reputable manufacturer. 
  • Belt Driven. In our professional opinion (and other woodworking experts) belt driven saws are cleaner and more accurate.
    • In direct drive saws, the motor connects directly to the blade (left image)
    • In belt driven saws, a belt connects the motor to the blade (right image)

What are hybrid table saws designed for?

Hybrid table saws fill the gap between commercial equipment and shoddy portable saws that blow up after 100 hours on the job. They have all the power the average woodworker needs, accept sleds and dado blades and are portable. This is THE piece of equipment that the hobbyist woodworker or small production facility should own. No question. The versatility of a good hybrid table saw will allow your to accomplish just about anything.

1. SawStop Professional Saw

Yet another Table Saw category that we have to label the SawStop as the winner. Their new safety features have simply redefined what it means to work on a table saw and make all of the features offered on competing hybrid table saws look obsolete.

In addition to their jaw dropping patented safety system, SawStop offers dozens of sized and options. Pictures is their 1.75 HP saw with 36″ professional T-Glide fence system. In my opinion, this fence is worth springing for.

SawStop machines have dozens of accessories that go with the various machines. You can purchase the accessories after the fact and add them on yourself, or, you have the option to purchase them together with the saw unit. 

SawStop’s variety of dimensions and power, safety, quality and warranty make this package our top pick in the hybrid table saw category.

  • Category defining safety features
  • Great, US based brand
  • Tons of size, power and rip capacity options
  • Potential infeed table, outfeed table and router table add-ons.
  • The increased safety comes with an increased price tag
  • Just an “okay” warranty

2. Jet - ProShop II (with Cast Wings)

Jet takes the cake as our favorite table saw. While there are many similar models, we believe that Jet’s products proven reliable and are worth every penny. This saw is on the high-end of horsepower for hybrids, has a very sturdy frame for precision cuts and can easily be expanded 

  • Very low vibration (due to single belt drive)
  • Unbeatable brand with a 5 yr. manufacturer warranty
  • Competitively priced
  • Blade guard & riving knife built-in
  • Lemons have been reported
  • Some customers have had to make adjustments to the legs in order to maintain a flat cutting surface

3. Powermatic - Table Saw, 1-3/4 HP, 30" Fence with Riving Knife

As a hybrid saw, the Powermatic leans more towards having the power and stability of a cabinet saw than it does mobility of a contractor saw.

The specs of this Powermatic are about on par with the rest of the field. However, Powermatic offers a number of features and motor sizes available to choose from. The Powermatic saws always seem to be heavier and more stable than their competitors. The decreased vibration delivered from these large, solid frames is part of the reason millworking companies and fabricators swear by the Powermatic name.

  • Strong brand name and 5 yr. limited warranty
  • Easily adjustable blade and fence
  • Very accurate cutting and stable feel
  • Higher priced than competitors
  • 421 Lbs. makes this the largest of the bunch
  • 85 decibels make this a bit louder than others

4. Laguna - Fusion F1 Table Saw

Laguna has been one of my personal favorite brands for years. They offer a full range of configurations of this hybrid table saw, but I chose the smallest model to review (the Fusion F1)

This saw stands toe to toe with saws that are twice its weight.

  • Many variations available
  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Quality brand name
  • Lightweight design makes for higher vibration and decreased accuracy

5. Grizzly G0771Z 10″ 2 HP 120V Hybrid Table Saw with T-Shaped Fence

Grizzly is another trusted name in woodworking, although they are a bit hard to work with as retailers. This saws fully enclosed base makes for improved stability, but at the cost of making the saw more difficult to clean, oil and change parts on. 

We would really only recommend this saw for Grizzly loyalists. The vast majority of woodworkers are better off with the Jet, Laguna or SawStop.

Grizzly Models are available up to 7.5 HP cabinet saws for commercial manufacturers and millworking facilities that need the extra power.

  • Limited vibration due to a fully enclosed base
  • at 2 HP it has more power than the competition
  • Only 1 year limited manufacturer warranty
  • More difficult to clean and change parts than other saws

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